DES MOINES, Iowa -- On Friday, Theresa Greenfield became one of the last Democrats in the country to embrace Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s pick for Vice President, saying she believes Harris is an “excellent” choice.

With Chuck Schumer and radical Washington liberals bankrolling and running her campaign, it was clear from the beginning that Greenfield is nothing more than a puppet of the far-left. Her enthusiastic endorsement of Kamala Harris makes this even more glaringly obvious; among other things, Harris said “we should have that conversation” in regards to allowing terrorists like the Boston Marathon bomber to vote, supports banning plastic straws, embraced the $93 TRILLION anti-ag Green New Deal, wants to create government incentives for eating healthy, and would grant taxpayer-funded health care to illegal immigrants.

NEW VIDEO: Greenfield Backs the Most Liberal Member of the Senate

“Iowans already rejected the radical, out-of-touch policies of Kamala Harris. And since Theresa Greenfield has now shown her hand and thinks Harris is an ‘excellent choice,’ Iowans will reject her in November too.” -- Iowa GOP Spokesman Aaron Britt


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