Grab theūüćŅ
Theresa Greenfield likes to brag about her fake pledge not to accept corporate PAC money. She even highlighted it in a tweet yesterday announcing her Q3 numbers:
But this quickly drew criticism from one of her opponents in the Dem Senate primary, Eddie Mauro. A Spokesman for the campaign said, "Greenfield wants you to believe that she's not beholden to big corporations and isn't accepting corporate PAC money, but let me be clear - her largest donors, Senate Leadership PACs, are raking in dollars from Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, Big Insurance and Wall Street. Greenfield is practically laundering corporate money through Chuck Schumer and Senate Leadership PAC accounts."
Senate Dem candidates are seeing through her blatant hypocrisy, and Iowans will do the same. This is just more proof that Theresa Greenfield will continue to be Schumer's puppet as the candidate of far-left special interests.

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