DES MOINES, Iowa -- Iowans in every corner of the state are learning that Theresa Greenfield is not who she says she is. Now, her campaign is on defense after efforts to cover-up her failed real estate record came to light

MOREIowa GOP Chief criticizes Democratic Senate candidate Greenfield for "business cover-up"

Greenfield was caught scrubbing information from her biography relating to her experience as CEO of Rottlund Homes and President of Colby Interests. The blatant attempt at a cover-up has Greenfield’s campaign reeling as Iowa GOP Chairman went on the road to Sioux City and Dubuque to expose Two-Faced Theresa for who she really is: a failed real estate executive who will do anything to get ahead -- even engaging in a cover-up to further hide from Iowa voters. 

But the facts speak for themselves: 

  • Rottlund Homes was forced to close under Greenfield’s leadership after they were sued repeatedly and failed to pay their bills

  • Greenfield displaced several small businesses in Windsor Heights as President of Colby Interests, even signing the notices herself

  • Since these notices came to light, Greenfield has ignored questions from Iowa small business owners for and still hasn’t provided answers after eight weeks

  • Instead, she has remained silent -- even after it was revealed she deleted references to these two companies from her campaign website

“No amount of spin or deceptive talking points can hide that fact that Theresa Greenfield is a failed businesswoman who has engaged in a cover-up scheme to hide her record from Iowan voters,” said Aaron Britt, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “Iowans can’t trust Theresa to have their backs. This is a stark contrast to Senator Ernst, who has been upfront and accessible from the very beginning. That is what true leadership looks like.”


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