DES MOINES, Iowa -- During last night’s debate, Joe Biden refused to take a stance on packing the Supreme Court. When asked directly about Supreme Court packing and eliminating the filibuster, Biden responded, “Whatever position I take, that will become the issue.” 

The only “issue” is that Biden doesn’t want voters to know he is nothing more than an empty vessel for the radical Left, and he would quickly fall in line with Chuck Schumer and his liberal allies to pack the Supreme Court with activist liberal judges. To solidify this, after the debate, Kamala Harris -- the leader of the Harris-Biden presidential ticket and the most liberal member of the Senate -- also refused to speak out against packing the courts and completely dodged the question. 

CNN’s Jake Tapper even called Harris out for dodging, saying, “I will respectfully note that you also declined to answer that question with me… So I don’t really understand why they won’t answer that question.” 

This should alarm every Iowan, because it falls in line with Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Theresa Greenfield, who has now flip-flopped several times on court packing. In May, Greenfield said she didn’t “believe we need to expand the Supreme Court.” Then immediately after President Trump announced his plan to nominate a judge to fill the vacant seat, Greenfield jolted to the Left to align with AOC and Chuck Schumer and said, “I wouldn’t say I’ve formed an opinion on that.” She was then forced to walk back these comments, shifting her position once again.

“This smoke-and-mirrors effort by Biden, Harris, and Greenfield is truly disturbing because they are clearly engaged in an effort to confuse Iowa voters to cover-up their true intentions,” said Aaron Britt, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “Given the chance, Democrats will pack the Supreme Court with liberal activist judges, eliminate the filibuster, and take any steps necessary to change the rules and execute the agenda of the radical Left. Iowans can’t trust any candidate being bankrolled by coastal elites and the far-Left, and that includes Theresa Greenfield, Kamala Harris, and Joe Biden.”


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