Even though she is looking to move on from Iowa's Third Congressional District, Cindy Axne is still taking marching orders from Nancy Pelosi.

On Monday, it was reported that Axne agreed with Pelosi that the crisis at our Southern border was on a 'good path' saying, "This is not something that just happened. We did not… come to this overnight."

Let's remember that this crisis is because of the failed policies of the Democrat Party. Their agenda insinuated to migrants that the door is wide open. 

On Tuesday, Axne was awarded FOUR Pinocchios from the Washington Post for lying to Iowans about her responsibilities. In an attempt to dodge a question about packing the Supreme Court, Axne misled Iowans about her intentions to follow Nancy Pelosi's marching orders. 

Here is what the Washington Post said: "Axne’s claim is flat-out wrong... it appears Axne is trying to hide the ball on this issue."

On Wednesday, The Des Moines Register reported that Axne isn't willing to withhold her vote for Biden's 'infrastructure' bill, even if it kills Iowa's biofuels industry. Proving, in the most blatant way yet, that Axne is under Pelosi's orders. 

However, if that is not convincing enough, Axne votes with Pelosi 100 percent of the time. Remember on the campaign trail when Axne would criticize former Congressman Young for voting with President Trump 99 percent of the time? Now she is doing the same thing.

"Axne continues to be in lockstep with Pelosi and the radicals in her party," said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "Iowans deserve the truth. Axne is no moderate. She is just as radical as the progressives and continues her quest for power over the needs of her own constituents."


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