Last week, as Congress voted on police reform and D.C. statehood, Rep. Cindy Axne abandoned her constituents for two days by handing her vote off to Maryland liberal Rep. Jamie Raskin -- who had one of the most liberal voting records in Congress last year.

To see for yourself, click this link and then “caption text”

Axne was quick to praise the passage of the police reform bill in a statement, but she fails to mention that she wasn’t even there to cast the vote. Worse yet, silent Cindy still hasn’t given Iowans an explanation as to why she failed to show up to work on their behalf. Instead, she disingenuously calls herself “a voice representing communities across central and southwest Iowa – communities where voices of outrage and distress have reverberated for weeks.” It's pretty difficult to be a voice when you can't even be bothered to show up.

So, not only did Axne neglect her responsibility that the thousands of constituents she was elected to represent are paying her to do, but she also handed off their vote to one of the most out-of-touch members of Congress. This begs the question: If Cindy Axne doesn’t show up to work for her constituents, why is she running for re-election?

Bottom Line: Iowa taxpayers elected Axne to go to work for them and be their voice in Congress. If she can’t fulfill her most fundamental responsibility, Iowans will send her packing in November so she can stay home while a proven, effective leader like David Young -- who knows his bosses are the people of the third district -- goes to work on their behalf every day.


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