Washington Free Beacon | September 27, 2021


"During Christina Bohannan’s brief political career, the Iowa Democrat has put her experience as an environmental engineer front and center. "As a law professor, an environmental engineer and a mother, I believe I have the skills, energy and passion that Iowa City needs at this critical point in time," Bohannan wrote in May 2020.

Left out of Bohannan's description is that the extent of her environmental engineering career was an internship over two decades ago.

Washington Free Beacon review of Bohannan’s résumé on file at the University of Iowa finds that the full extent of her engineering experience came as she earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Florida, where she graduated in 1994. Her résumé lists three years of work from 1991 to 1994 as an engineer for Florida's Department of Environmental Protection. Florida public records show Bohannan never achieved a rank higher than "engineering intern."


Bohannan did not respond to a request for comment about her work experience as an intern in Florida. The Free Beacon was unable to find any sign of engineering work at any other point in her career."

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