Failed real estate executive Theresa Greenfield is intentionally making it difficult for Iowa voters to keep track of her position on the CARES Act. This bill provided millions of Americans with desperately-needed relief at the height of the coronavirus pandemic -- from enhanced unemployment benefits to the Paycheck Protection Program, which helped small businesses stay afloat.

Despite enjoying broad bipartisan support, Chuck Schumer and shady real estate executive Theresa Greenfield have been running ads criticizing Sen. Ernst for supporting the CARES Act. But now, Theresa Greenfield claims she “would have supported the CARES Act,” proving Two-Faced Theresa is using D.C. doublespeak to mislead Iowa voters.

WATCH: Theresa Greenfield says she “certainly would have” voted for the CARES Act, despite criticizing Sen. Ernst for doing the same

Colby Interests, the company Greenfield led when they kicked Windsor Heights small businesses to the curb, has also directly benefited from the CARES Act. And despite quitting the company to run for office, Greenfield secured a deal that Iowans don't receive -- she continues to get health insurance from her former employer, despite no longer working for them. 

Bottom Line: Two-Faced Theresa’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. This adds to the laundry list of proof that Greenfield will say or do anything if she believes it will further her own personal political agenda. Theresa can’t be trusted.



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