Last week, Mike Franken had a meltdown after seeing an anti-Biden flag on a small town main street. Franken texted the mayor, "What the hell?" 

He then went on to say, "I speak for all veterans, categorically speaking, not for that person. I did not serve my nation for him, or her or whoever lives there. Shame on, shame on your town for that. I was gonna stop by your VFW, I said, I'll keep on riding."

Mike Franken does not speak for every veteran - he speaks for himself and the Democrat Party. 

Senator Joni Ernst: "The job of a U.S. Senator for Iowa is to represent all Iowans. Mike Franken should know better than to attack an Iowan for exercising his or her First Amendment rights. The military oath of office requires servicemembers to protect and defend the Constitution. Mike Franken’s claim to speak on behalf of ‘all veterans’ while he attempts to silence a fellow Iowan’s right to free speech is appalling and unAmerican. Let me set the record straight: Mike Franken does not speak for all veterans and he certainly does not speak for this veteran. All Americans have the right to express their political viewpoints however they see fit. Thankfully, Iowans have a Senator in Chuck Grassley who understands that while we may not agree with what others say, we should all protect and defend their right to say it."

Senator Rick Scott: “As a veteran, I am disgusted that Mike Franken claimed he served in the military only for people who held the same beliefs as him. He is unwilling to stop in towns and meet with people who disagree with him and that clearly makes Franken unfit for office."

Senator Tom Cotton: "Mike Franken speaks for himself and only himself. He does not speak for America's veterans. America's veterans represent the full spectrum of viewpoints and religions and races and regions. And for Mike Franken to claim that he speaks for all veterans after he tried to turn off Fox News when he was on active duty as a military commander is the height of arrogance and that's why the people of Iowa are going to reject him in November and re-elect Chuck Grassley to be the President of the United States Senate."

These comments show just how stark the contrast is between Mike Franken and Chuck Grassley.

Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann added, "Chuck Grassley visits all 99 counties every year and certainly doesn't pick and choose to only talk to people he agrees with. He goes to every county to hear from Iowans, stays in tune to the issues affecting them and never backs down, even when there are Democrat plants in the audience, only there to play gotcha. Grassley never backs down, he is there every single year. All counties, all people."


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