Joe Biden’s decision to side with radical activist groups over everyday farmers by vetoing a bipartisan congressional resolution that would’ve scrapped the Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule’s regulatory overreach was met with vocal condemnation from Iowa Republicans.

Governor Kim Reynolds: “[Joe Biden] fails again! While the Repeal of WOTUS passed with bipartisan support, Joe Biden VETOED it. Another attack on Iowa Farmers, not surprised!”

Senator Chuck Grassley: “Pres Biden vetod cong disapproval of WOTUS rule Doesn’t surprise me bc he believes govt ought to control private property & I’ve been told by Iowa Farm Bureau wotus would hv govt regulate 97% of Iowa land I hope SCOTUS steps in & stops this unconstitutional deprivation”

Senator Joni Ernst: “One more example of the Biden administration turning their back on middle and rural America.”

Attorney General Brenna Bird: “Once again, Biden has abandoned Iowa’s farmers. He’s continued to use the Oval Office to push for unconstitutional executive action. Well, enough is enough. … I will see you in Court!”

Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig: “President Biden’s veto creates massive uncertainty for IA farmers Under Biden’s WOTUS rule, our state’s ability to install proven conservation practices that improve water quality and protect soil health is significantly hindered #IowaAg”

Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann: “Biden's veto of bipartisan legislation to overturn WOTUS overreach is unsurprising and disappointing. Democrats aren't going to win in Iowa again unless they ditch the condescending mindset that bureaucrats sitting in cities know more about managing land than actual farmers.”

Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks: “President Biden’s veto proves his utter disregard for rural America. His rule will have disastrous consequences for our farmers, producers, and landowners across Iowa. Both chambers of Congress made it clear we disagree with his WOTUS rule. Biden made it clear he doesn’t care.”

Congresswoman Ashley Hinson: “The heavy hand of government strikes again. This bill to overturn the Admin’s overreaching WOTUS rule passed with bipartisan support in the House & Senate. This veto empowers bureaucrats. Farmers are the best stewards of their own land & it’s time for @POTUS to understand that.”

Congressman Randy Feenstra: “President Biden has once again turned his back on Iowa farmers and rural America. His veto of @HouseGOP ’s bipartisan resolution to overturn his overreaching WOTUS rule will saddle our producers with red tape, increase grocery bills for our families & threaten our food security.”

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