Yesterday, a new poll was released by the Washington Examiner which revealed that Iowa voters would view Rita Hart as an ‘illegitimate’ congresswoman if sat as the second district’s representative.


“According to the survey, which was conducted for American Action Network by Republican polling firm Cygnal, 7-in-10 voters in the district say a dispute about election results should be decided by Iowa’s courts, while just 9% want the dispute decided by lawmakers in Washington. The poll includes two-thirds of voters who say they voted for Hart in the November election.
Additionally, 58% of voters in the poll say that if the House voted to overturn the state-certified election results and install Hart in Congress, they would view her as an illegitimate member. 


Check out the full story here.

"Hart should see the writing on the wall: Iowans still don’t want her in Washington, D.C. and reject her, and her conspirators. Hart needs to accept the will of Iowans. It’s time to concede," said Iowa GOP Communications Director Kollin Crompton.


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