Radio Iowa | February 4, 2022

"The Iowa GOP’s chairman says a national panel he’s been leading is unanimously backing a report that would secure First-In-The-Nation status for the Iowa Republican Party’s Caucuses in 2024.

'Our very, very critical first step couldn’t have turned out better,' said Iowa GOP chairman Jeff Kaufmann, who’s been chairman of the national party’s Presidential Nominating Process Committee.

Kaufmann said the group reviewed 'all' options for rearranging the timing of presidential primaries and caucuses, but the final report recommends that no changes be made.

'That, de facto, would leave Iowa as First-in-the-Nation,' Kaufmann said.

The report will be presented to the Republican National Committee this summer. Kaufmann said he’s hopeful GOP leaders from other states will ratify the plan to have Iowa Caucuses first, followed by New Hampshire’s Primary and contests in Nevada and South Carolina — but he’s not taking it for granted.


'It is important that we start out in a small state. It is important that the Midwest has a voice,' Kaufmann said. '…If you bring Nevada and South Carolina and New Hampshire and Iowa together, we check all the boxes whether it’s geographic diversity, philosophical diversity, ethnic diversity.'”

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"While we are one step closer to ensuring the carveout process is secured, I'm not taking anything for granted. If we want to ensure that anyone can be president, the carve out process and the Iowa Caucuses must be protected," said Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. "I have full confidence in Chair Wilburn of the Iowa Democratic Party to protect Iowa's status with National Democrats." 


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