DAVENPORT, Iowa -- At a press conference in Davenport on Tuesday, Iowa GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann laid out what’s at stake in the U.S. Senate race.

Democrat candidate Theresa Greenfield has largely ignored rural Iowa. As of September, after FIFTEEN MONTHS of campaigning, Greenfield still hadn’t visited nearly half the counties in Iowa -- many of them being rural counties. 

On the other hand, Sen. Joni Ernst has visited all 99 counties for the past six years. Like Kaufmann points out, this is about candidates and elected officials showing Iowans that they are committed to representing “the entire state, no matter how big or how small” a county is.

Instead, Greenfield has been hiding behind 100+ MILLION in outside spending and has raised more money from coastal elites, out-of-state liberals, and corporate lobbyists, executives, and CEOs than any candidate in Iowa history. OpenSecrets reports more than 92 percent of Greenfield’s contributions ($26.6 million) came from out-of-state.

And that is what this election is really about. “This is making sure that Iowans can’t be bought,” Chairman Kaufmann said. “That’s what’s important about this particular race.” 

WATCH: No thanks, Theresa, Iowans can’t be bought

REMINDER: Greenfield’s top donations hail from the following metro areas:

  • New York – $3,255,788

  • Washington, DC Metro – $2,269,323

  • San Francisco – $2,256,387

  • Boston – $2,003,111

  • Los Angeles-Long Beach – $1,793,343

With friends like these, it’s clear Theresa Greenfield would be a reliable vote for them, not for Iowans -- and that is why Greenfield will be rejected by voters on Election Day.


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