new ad is calling out Rep. Cindy Axne for abandoning her constituents 17 times and misleading them about several important votes that she has missed.

Axne didn’t show up for work when critical issues like police reform were voted on; instead, she handed her vote off to one of the most far-left members of Congress, Maryland’s Jamie Raskin, who had one of the most liberal voting records last year. Raskin is a known favorite of AOC, Ilhan Omar, and the rest of “The Squad,” but Silent Cindy still hasn’t explained to her constituents why she chose one of the most out-of-touch Representatives to be their voice in Congress.

WATCH: Axne? Axne?

When Axne is not having the most far-left member of Congress vote for her, she is often not voting at all. She has already missed 17 votes, while David Young did not miss a single vote during his tenure in Congress.

Bottom Line: Axne has failed to represent her constituents time and again. She was elected by Iowa taxpayers to go to work for them and be their voice in Congress, but it seems she isn’t up to the task. Iowans will flip this seat and elect David Young in November -- an effective leader who will go to work on their behalf every day.


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