Washington Free Beacon | September 8, 2021

"Swing-district Democratic congressional candidate Christina Bohannan donated money to pay bail for illegal immigrants through a group that works to achieve a 'world without police.'

Bohannan in July 2019 said she was 'glad to contribute' to Prairielands Freedom Fund through a Facebook fundraiser. Just one month before Bohannan's donation, the group—which also advocates the elimination of prisons—promoted a campaign to 'rally for the abolition of Immigration Customs Enforcement' and 'melt ICE.'

Two years later, Bohannan is setting aside her radical past in an attempt to recast herself as a moderate, bipartisan alternative to Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R., Iowa). The Democrat says she "is running for Congress because she believes we need less bickering in Washington, and more working together." Prior to her campaign announcement, however, the state legislator scrubbed all policy positions from her 2020 campaign site, including sections that condemned Iowa's popular voter ID law and endorsed taxpayer-funded sex change surgeries.

In addition to Prairielands Freedom Fund's campaign to abolish ICE—which it describes as "xenophobic" and 'racist'—the group 'reject[s] the assumption that imprisonment is necessary,' works to 'abolish the imprisonment of our fellow human beings,' and hopes to achieve a 'world without police.'

Neither Bohannan nor Prairielands Freedom Fund returned requests for comment.


Bohannan's anti-police activism continued after the Democrat's election to the Iowa House of Representatives in 2020. In an April Little Village op-ed, she condemned a GOP bill that would increase punishments for those who are convicted of rioting, arguing the legislation would 'make us both less free and less safe.'"

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