National Review| September 27, 2022

"Iowa’s race for attorney general presents one of the most promising pickup opportunities in the country—not only because a long-serving Democratic incumbent is vulnerable, but also because of the quality of his challenger. Brenna Bird, a native of Dexter, Iowa, comes with extensive experience that would make her a well-rounded choice for any state’s top lawyer. 


Accordingly, Bird would bring Iowa’s attorney general’s office into the battle against the excesses of the Biden administration—prominently including its Covid vaccine and mask mandates; its termination of Title 42, which had been implemented to enable border agents to prevent the entry of migrants who potentially pose a health risk; and the Environmental Protection Agency’s 'Waters of the United States' rule, which entails a vast expansion of federal land regulation that will stifle farmers and small businesses. Attorneys general in a number of states have been waging these battles while Iowa, whose citizens share similar priorities, has been conspicuous for its attorney general’s absence.


And while Bird makes cracking down on crime a major priority of her campaign, Miller has failed to meet with key law enforcement officials in the state and acts like little more than a proxy for the Biden administration. 'I meet all the time with sheriffs that have never met him—not once,' Bird noted. 'Not even shook his hand.'


Could it be more obvious that the people of Iowa deserve a new attorney general? Fortunately, in Brenna Bird they have an excellent candidate to help turn things around—someone who knows, respects, and promises to enforce the law. It is unacceptable to have someone in that office acting as 'Biden’s attorney general,' she asserted. 'When I’m attorney general, I’m going to be Iowa’s attorney general.'”

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