During the second U.S. Senate debate Saturday evening, we saw why Theresa Greenfield desperately wanted to dodge debates.

Sen. Ernst tore into Theresa Greenfield’s record of failed leadership and fraud, exposing the real Theresa Greenfield that Chuck Schumer and the radical Left are trying to hide with nearly $100 million in TV ad spending.

WATCH: With almost one million views, here’s the clip everyone is talking about:

Failed real estate executive Theresa Greenfield has been sued repeatedly for shoddy work and breaching contracts, she was kicked off the ballot as Pelosi’s handpicked candidate in 2018 for committing felony election fraud, and she kicked small businesses to the curb to make way for a foreign big box store.

When these details on her failed business record came to light, Greenfield was caught trying to cover it all up -- scrubbing her website of any information regarding her time as a real estate executive. Sen. Ernst wasn’t about to let her get away with it. When Ernst asked Greenfield to apologize, she refused, saying, “I am proud of my service.

Like Ernst asks, “Why on earth would we take someone that has this record of dishonesty and failed business leadership to the United States Senate?”


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