On Wednesday morning, the NRCC released a damaging ad highlighting Axne's support of Democrats' plan to have the IRS monitor the bank accounts of Iowans. 

Then late Wednesday, in an act of desperation, Axne signed a letter with 19 other House Democrats calling for the removal of the proposal. KCCI reported Axne would not support the plan as it was written Wednesday night.

It didn't take long for Democrats to release their updated plan - continuing to include the IRS provision. Axne has been a rubber stamp for the Biden agenda, voting 100 percent of the time with Nancy Pelosi. Since then, Axne has been silent. Will she reverse her stance and vote for the bill, which gives the IRS the power to spy on Iowans' bank accounts? 

"Axne doesn't get to hide from this. If she votes for this bill, Axne is green lighting the federal government to take unprecedented action against American citizens," said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "Axne and her liberal counterparts are leading the unhinged federal government, constantly attacking the freedoms and liberties of the American people."


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