Iowa Democrats are abandoning Mike Franken's ship after he was accused by his former campaign manager of sexual harassment. As Republicans are calling on Franken to release the victim from her NDA, Iowa Democrats are not coming to his aid and are refusing to comment.

In a call with reporters yesterday, Iowa GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann said, "Nondisclosure agreements are used to keep victims silent. While Franken is free to call the victim a liar, he's forcing her into silence." By contrast, Sen. Chuck Grassley is cosponsoring the Speak Out Act that ensures victims are not forced into silence because of NDAs. The bill passed the Judiciary Committee just last week.

"Poor Mike Franken, Democrats are cutting and running from his campaign so fast, it'll make your head spin," said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "Yet when victims need them most, Cindy Axne, Deidre DeJear and others go into hiding. It's time Franken released his victim from her NDA, and those who claim to support victims to become vocal about it." 


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