DES MOINES - The Iowa House Democrats recently posted on X/Twitter claiming they "were proud to raise teacher pay for new and veteran teachers."


Every single House Democrat voted AGAINST HF 2612, making their opinions on teachers clear.

Gov. Kim Reynolds signed the bill into law, thanks to the hard-work of Republicans in the Senate and House. This bill supports schools and teachers by:

- Giving Iowa schools a 2.5% funding increase
- Raising starting teacher salaries to $50,000 from $35,000 
- Raising veteran teacher salaries to $60,000 in the next year
- Improving special education outcomes for students with disabilities
- Giving school personnel and teachers the authorization to protect their classrooms

The difference here is simple: Iowa Republicans value education for all and support teachers and educators, while Democrats lie and hitch their wagon to the hard work Republicans did. It's also important to remember in 2010 Iowa Democrats imposed a 10% across the board cut when they were in control of the Governor's office and the state legislature.

"It's sad to see a blatant lie like this coming from Iowa House Democrats, especially during Teacher Appreciation Week. Iowa Democrats actually do not appreciate teachers, and that's proven in the way they voted against them," said Luke Wolff, Iowa GOP spokesman. "Gov. Reynolds and the GOP-led Legislature once again are proving why Republican leadership matters, especially when it comes to educating Iowa kids."


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