DES MOINES, Iowa -- Today, Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats blocked the JUSTICE Act, a police reform bill spearheaded by Sen. Tim Scott. Democrats wouldn’t even allow debate on the largely bipartisan piece of legislation, striking down the chance to come to an agreement and find a solution that the American people have been demanding.

Yesterday, Speaker Pelosi went so far as to accuse Sen. Scott and the GOP of “trying to get away with murder, actually, the murder of George Floyd.” When asked today if she would apologize, Pelosi scoffed, “Absolutely, positively not.” When Schumer was asked to respond to Pelosi’s disgusting comment, he said, “What she has said is fine with me.”

After these abhorrent comments and the Democrats’ refusing to even come to the table, it’s clear this is all about politics, not reform. Sadly, Iowa Democrats including Theresa Greenfield, Abby Finkenauer, Rita Hart, Cindy Axne, and J.D. Scholten have failed to utter a single word in response to ANY of these developments.

Iowa Democrats have a history of saying nothing when it comes to critical issues, but their silence on this particular topic proves they have no interest in delivering results -- they’d rather pursue radical, out-of-touch ideas that divide our country.

“Iowans are tired of Pelosi and Schumer’s broken D.C. games. They want their elected officials to come to an agreement and find solutions, but Democrats are more concerned about the next election. Greenfield, Finkenauer, Hart, Axne, and Scholten owe Iowans an answer as to where they stand on Pelosi and Schumer’s latest political stunt.” -- Iowa GOP Spokesman Aaron Britt


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