DES MOINES, Iowa -- Tonight, Iowa Democrats Theresa Greenfield, Abby Finkenauer, Cindy Axne, and J.D. Scholten will appear alongside California liberal Katie Porter at Progress Iowa’s virtual “Corn Feed.”

There’s no doubt these candidates will use buttered-up election-year rhetoric to avoid telling the truth about their destructive, anti-ag agenda -- so here’s what they don’t want Iowans to know: Every single one of these Democrats are beholden to radical environmental groups that seek to alter Iowans’ way of life with their extreme climate agenda.

The far-left group Democracy for America endorsed West Coast liberal Katie Porter, calling her an “unapologetic champion for bold ideas like... the Green New Deal.” The socialist group has also endorsed J.D. Scholten and Theresa Greenfield, saying they can count on Greenfield’s support to “make a Green New Deal.”

As for Reps. Axne and Finkenauer, both have embraced endorsements from the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters, which support anti-ag policies that align with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s $93 trillion Green New Deal. The Sierra Club openly opposes “incentives for the production of corn-based ethanol,” and believes in “minimizing the production and consumption of domestic animals.”

Democrats’ eco-radicalism would put 32,000 employees that work in Iowa’s beef industry out of a job, destroy Iowa’s status as the nation’s largest fuel ethanol and biodiesel producer, and decimate the family farms that make Iowa the top hog and egg producing state in the nation.

“It’s fitting that Iowa Democrats are appearing alongside an out-of-touch California liberal tonight, since they share the same radical, anti-ag agenda that would cripple Iowa’s economy,” said Aaron Britt, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “Their priorities lie with coastal elites like Katie Porter and the radical environmental groups supporting them, not with the thousands of Iowans that feed and fuel the world.”
















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