In the last debate before the primary election, Democrat candidates for U.S. Senate laid their markers down on abortion. 

Iowa Press host Kay Henderson asked all three candidates, "As a Senator voting on a bill to guarantee abortion access nationwide, would you support limits, like parental consent or defining fetal viability?"

All three candidates said no. 

No restrictions and abortion on demand, up to the moment of birth, is now the mainstream Iowa Democrat view - that's extreme and a majority of Iowans disagree with it. 

Franken, Finkenauer, and Hurst are showing their true colors. They are looking to impress the national Democrat Party apparatus - not Iowans in the communicities they wish to represent. 

"Iowans disagree with Democrats' stance of abortion on demand and up until the moment of birth. It's concerning to see how far the Democrat Party is willing to go," said Republican party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "The Iowa Democrats have left Iowans in the dust. They are far more focused on winning invites to D.C. cocktail parties than representing Iowans."


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