Months ago, Democrat State Auditor Rob Sand disgracefully used his official office, and taxpayer dollars, to launch a political attack on Gov. Reynolds claiming that the Governor’s “Step Up, Stop the Spread,” public service announcement violated Iowa’s self-promotion law.

Now, Iowa's Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board ruled by a unanimous vote that the "Step Up, Stop the Spread," campaign did not violate state law. Iowa Ethics Board Chair James Albert said the board discussed the legal analysis presented by the auditor's office and found it had no merit.

"I said it when Sand started this political scheme, he's weaponizing the State Auditors office and setting a dangerous precedent," said Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. "The next time Sand desperately tries another scheme like this, the media needs to understand his true intentions. State government is not the place to launch political attacks, Rob must apologize to Iowans for misusing their taxpayer dollars."


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