Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann released the following statement in response to Christina Bohannan announcing her campaign for Iowa's Second Congressional District:

"Bohannan represents the most liberal state house district in the entire state of Iowa and if she thinks she can connect with everyday Iowans, she should think again. Iowans aren't looking to send an extreme liberal activist to Washington, D.C. Instead, they want a fighter, like Mariannette Miller-Meeks, who will stand up and defend Iowans against the radical agenda of Nancy Pelosi and AOC. 

"Miller-Meeks was a doctor, Lt. Colonel in the Army, and Iowa's public health director. She has spent her entire life fighting for the people of Iowa. In her first term, she's already been a proven leader, working to educate and vaccinate constituents in all 24 counties in Iowa's second congressional district, while pushing the Biden Administration to ensure all migrants coming through our Southern border are tested for COVID. 

"I endorsed Miller-Meeks when she first ran for Congress because I knew she would put Iowa and America first. When Nancy Pelosi tried to steal this seat, Miller-Meeks fought back. I look forward to seeing Miller-Meeks bring that same fight in her re-election."


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