Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann released the following statement in response to Cindy Axne announcing on Iowa Press that she will run for re-election:

"Cindy Axne is one of Washington's swampiest politicians. As a best friend of the Squad, Axne has supported legislation that takes away choice from parents, implements the largest tax hike in decades, and kills the jobs of hardworking Iowans. We are tired of big government Democrats that look down upon our values and lie to our faces. That is exactly what Cindy Axne represents.

"Axne has spent the past two years hiding from Iowans and cozying up to Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. Axne represents a continuation of Biden and Pelosi's disastrous agenda and Iowa Republicans are committed to fighting back to stop it.

"Axne will have every resource she needs from Pelosi and the Democrat establishment, but we have Iowans on our side. I look forward to being on the front lines standing arm and arm with Iowans in the third district while we stand up to defeat her."


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