DES MOINES - The Iowa House Democrats recently posted their list of National Delegates on Facebook:

One thing sticks out: Rob Sand is not on the list.

Why would Iowa Democrats not include their one and only statewide elected official to represent them in Chicago in August?

"The Iowa Democrats have some questions that need answers. What is the reason their only statewide elected official - who is clearly leading their shortlist to run for another office someday - is not joining national Democrats in Chicago this August for their National Convention?" said Luke Wolff, Iowa GOP Spokesman.

"We all know that if Iowa Republicans only had one statewide official and they were not included in the national delegation, it would be a front page story. Did Rob Sand reject Iowa Democrats or did they reject him? Iowa Democrats should take a break from attacking Republicans and get their own party in order. This is another bad look for them on the national level."


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