Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann released the following statement in response to an Iowa judge ruling Abby Finkenauer will not appear on the primary ballot: 

"Despite Tom Miller and Rob Sand's best effort to use their official offices to help Democrat favorite Abby Finkenauer stay on the ballot, the rule of law has prevailed. Miller and Sand should be ashamed of their hyper-partisan actions and have more respect for our election laws. Miller especially, as the state's highest elected attorney.

"The severe lack of enthusiasm behind Iowa Democrats has real consequences and the first victim to fall is Abby Finkenauer. Not qualifying for the ballot is a complete and utter embarrassment. Finkenauer should have spent more time collecting signatures over going to high-class dinners with D.C. elites. Maybe now Finkenauer will have enough time to go find a real job.

"The Democrat establishment is in disarray. With their favorite out of the race, there are only two candidates remaining. Both are still unknown and radically out of touch with Iowans. As inflation continues to grow, gas prices continue to rise, and Democrats continue to recklessly spend money, the year grows darker and darker for Iowa Democrats."


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