Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann released the following statement in response to Joe Biden announcing his trip to Iowa on Tuesday, April 12th: 

"I'd like to welcome Joe Biden back to Iowa, a state he lost by eight points, and where his popularity has sunk even lower today.

"Iowans and Americans are worse off than they were a year ago because of Biden's out-of-touch policies and broken promises.  His policies have caused inflation to reach a 40-year high, destroyed our energy independence, pulled the rug out from under Iowa farmers, created a crisis at our Southern border, and weakened America on the world stage. Remember, the last time Joe Biden was here gas prices were roughly $1.93 a gallon. Now, they are nearing $4.00.

"Maybe a trip back to Iowa will be just what Joe Biden needs to understand what his reckless spending, big government policies are doing to our country." 


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