Iowa GOP Spokesman Luke Wolff released the following statement in response to Lanon Baccam's disaster of a press call where he lied and made baseless claims about Congressman Zach Nunn, as outlined in KCRG's most recent story:

"Another day another attempt to run and hide for Lanon Baccam. This time, instead of dodging a question about running from his political past (3:50 mark), he chose to offer nothing but lip service in regards to his plans for Social Security. It's sad to see a candidate for Congress choose to attack attack attack - with false claims, for that matter - instead of offering his own solutions. No wonder the Baccam campaign chooses to keep him away from cameras and microphones - every time he's near one it's a train wreck."

"Congressman Nunn is actively leading bipartisan efforts to protect these programs and is busy fighting for the people of Iowa while Baccam dodges every tough question he's asked as he tries to hide his radical, Biden-aligned side that is too extreme for Iowa. Each day, it becomes more obvious that Iowa needs to reelect Congressman Nunn and send him back to Washington."

You can read the full KCRG story here and listen to the audio here.


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