Republican Party of Iowa Co-Chair Linda Upmeyer released the following statement in response to the U.S. Senate voting down Democrats' extreme abortion bill: 

"Thankfully this extreme legislation, which would allow abortion on-demand and up till the moment of birth, has failed. This legislation is the Democrats' stance on abortion and it's completely out of step with Iowans. It's truly horrifying to see just how extreme the Democrat Party has become and how far they are willing to go towards the left. If this bill were to pass, the U.S. would have similar abortion laws to North Korea and China - that's completely unacceptable. 

"Iowans are grateful to have Senators Grassley and Ernst putting a stop to this extreme legislation. Grassley and Ernst know Iowans support defending the unborn and preserving every Americans' Right to Life. Thank you Senators Grassley and Ernst for voting against this legislation and stopping the radical Left's fight against women."


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