DES MOINES, Iowa -- House Speaker Pat Grassley (R-New Hartford) and Senate Majority Leader Jack Whitver (R-Ankeny) released the following statements, urging legislative Democrats to take a stand against overturning the will of Iowa's 2nd District voters: 

“On Election Night, Rita Hart lost. After mistakes were corrected, Rita Hart lost. After requesting a recount in all 24 counties and seeing that process through, Rita Hart lost,” said Speaker Grassley. “Now, Rita Hart is unhappy with the results and has chosen to bypass our state process and is asking Nancy Pelosi to intervene and negate the will of Iowa voters through a sham process. This is shameful and erodes trust in the integrity of our elections. Elected Iowa Democrats should stand up for Iowans and denounce this partisan process that is attempting to take away the voice of voters.”

"Rita Hart and national Democrats know Iowa Courts will fairly address this race and after the vote has been counted, recounted, and certified, they know they'll lose,” said Majority Leader Whitver. “The intention here is clear: Set up rules in their favor, regardless of what Iowa law is, and count until they get the result they want. They did it in Minnesota in 2008 and it is quite obvious they intend to implement the same game plan here. Why should Iowans expect any fairness in a Pelosi-controlled recount kangaroo court? If the US House desires to seat the legitimate winner of Iowa's 2nd Congressional District, they will seat Mariannette Miller-Meeks."


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