Iowa Progressives are making it clear that they will not allow Chuck Schumer and his team of Washington elites to determine the Democratic Senate Primary. Today, Linn County Supervisor Stacey Walker announced his endorsement of far-left candidate Kimberly Graham.  
In explaining his decision, Walker didn’t hold back, writing, “When I announced my decision to stay out of the race, I promised I would study the platforms of all the candidates carefully before deciding which one I would support. I was pleased to see Eddie Mauro endorse a public option for health insurance and list some solid plans around addressing the climate crisis, among other issues. I’ve read a bit about Vice Admiral Mike Franken, and it appears as if he will bring a new and necessary perspective to the race as well. However, when it came to the front-runner, outside of the bio, the only information I could access from Theresa Greenfield’s campaign website was instructions on how to donate money.”
Since announcing her candidacy by video, Greenfield has put Iowans on the back burner, traveling coast to coast to raise money from special interests. In the over 100 days since Greenfield announced her bid for the Senate, she’s failed to hold a single town hall or even answer a question on USMCA. Walker seemed to take note adding that Kimberly Graham “shows up.”
When it comes to Chuck Schumer’s meddling in Iowa, and picking Greenfield, Walker added, “We cannot accept a process where a few insiders anoint a candidate and decry the devolution of our politics at the same time. The process as it stands now is undemocratic, and has not even proven itself very successful.”
But Walker’s not the only one speaking up about Schumer and national Democrats’ meddling on Greenfield’s behalf:
  • Michael Franken hasn’t held back saying, “Picking our leaders is a serious responsibility. DC insiders are trying to put their thumb on the scale of our primary,” and adding, “Join our team and tell DC to stay out.”
  • Graham stated the “DSCC is alienating a lot of progressive Dems,” and emphasized, “I’m going to be blunt. The DSCC and Chuck Schumer have been meddling in this primary from the get-go. They appear to want me out, but I'm not going anywhere.”
  • The LA Times recently reported that “Eddie Mauro said one vendor indicated that Washington Democrats ‘put pressure on them not to work with people like me.’”
Despite Schumer and national Democrats’ pushing that they “don't need a primary”  in Iowa, these progressive candidates aren’t going anywhere.

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