The Iowa GOP congressional delegation has been saying for years that ethanol is a cleaner, cheaper alternative to foreign oil. Now is the time for Joe Biden and his Administration to listen. 

While on the campaign trail, Biden promised to "promote and advance renewable energy, ethanol, and other biofuels to help rural America and our nation’s farmers, and will honor the critical role the renewable fuel industry plays in supporting the rural economy and the leadership role American agriculture..." Yet, Biden is looking to Iran and Venezuela to help him dig out of this deep hole. It's safe to say, this was just lip service. 

Americans are seeing what the power of American energy can do as ethanol blend is cheaper than premium gasoline.

"Sens. Grassley, Ernst, along with Reps. Feenstra, Miller-Meeks, and Hinson,  have been fighting for Iowa's biofuels industry since Biden took office. It's time the Biden Administration understands the benefits," said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "It's a shame the Biden Administration would rather enlist the help of Iran and Venezuela over hardworking Iowa farmers. Yet, I can't say Iowans are surprised."


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