DES MOINES, Iowa -- Despite the Democrats having two years in the caucus limelight, as well as a competitive statewide Senate primary, Democrats have officially lost their lead in voter registration here in Iowa.

In January of 2008, Democrats had an even less competitive caucus than they did this year -- but they still took an overwhelming 80,000+ lead in voter registration numbers. And unlike this year, the GOP had a competitive caucus in 2008 as well. 

But after the 2020 caucus, Democrats only held a nearly 15,000 advantage. Even after a competitive Senate primary in June, that lead has now completely disappeared.

“With enthusiasm on our side, Republicans will only continue to increase our voter registration advantage in the coming months,” said Jeff Kaufmann, Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. “This is why ground games are important. While Sleepy Joe and the Democrats picked up and left this state immediately after the caucuses, the Trump campaign has been on the ground since last fall, speaking with Iowans and getting them registered to vote. In fact, they have already made one million voter contacts. There’s no doubt we are in a good position to keep Iowa red in November.”


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