Yesterday, the Centers for Disease Control voted to update its list of suggested vaccines to include the COVID vaccine - opening the door for states to require vaccines for students to attend school.

Not in Iowa, however. 

Thanks to Gov. Kim Reynolds and the Republican legislature, Iowa's parents get to make decisions that are best for their kids.

In Iowa, America still works - trusting citizens to make the best decisions for themselves. Gov. Reynolds trusted Iowans during the pandemic and Iowans pulled through.

If Iowa Democrats had their way, students would have been locked in the classroom and forced to get the COVID vaccine to return to school. This is what this upcoming election is all about: do Iowans want the heavy hand of the federal government making decisions for them, or a government focused on protecting freedoms?

"In Iowa, we are protecting freedoms and pushing back against an encroaching federal bureaucracy," said Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. "Iowans should never forgive the Democrat Party for their lockdown and mandate mentality. They think government knows best and that's exactly why they don't deserve power here or in Washington."


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