DES MOINES -- After being lectured for months about unity, the American people are beginning to see that "unity" was never really a part of the plan. It was just the latest holier-than-thou messaging from Pres. Joe Biden. 

In their first week, the Biden Administration already sidelined American workers just to appease the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Biden's slew of Executive Orders killed thousands of energy jobs, angered our allies, and risked our national security. 

Now House Democrats are set to deliver the single Article of Impeachment to the Senate, kicking off what is bound to be a tumultuous, divisive Impeachment trial. Even worse: they're changing the rules. It's been reported that Chief Justice Roberts will not be presiding over the trial, calling the legitimacy of this political ploy into question. 

"It's taken less than a week for the Biden Presidency to be marked by divisive politics, not unity. Democrats are once again willing to degrade the sacred tool of impeachment for political theater and politics," said the Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "If their calls for unity are more than just messaging, then they should stop this sham and get to work on the things Americans elected them to do."


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