Cindy Axne’s day just keeps getting worse. First, a new Des Moines Register poll shows Republicans have an advantage in the third congressional district. Then, a Gallup poll was released, showing GOP congressional approval has hit a 15-year high. And now, a new report has exposed Axne’s lies about her so-called anti-corporate PAC pledge. 

READ MOREBusiness money flows through gaps in anti-corporate PAC pledge

Roll Call revealed that business PACs not labeled “corporate” have given $2.6 million to candidates that have taken the bogus pledge. “[Rep. Cindy Axne’s] campaign is still stocked with contributions from groups that represent corporate and business interests on Capitol Hill,” the report reads. It’s clear Axne has been purposefully deceiving Iowans for her own political gain. 

“Cindy Axne was elected based on false promises she made on the campaign trail. She went to Washington and was immediately swallowed by The Swamp, using loopholes to rake in cash from special interests. Not only has she lied to Iowans, she has proven to be a completely ineffective Representative. No wonder Iowans are so eager to elect a Republican they can trust to represent this district once again.” -- Aaron Britt, Spokesman for the Republican Party of Iowa


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