DES MOINES — On Sunday, President Donald Trump made history and became the first sitting U.S. President to enter North Korea. As a result of this historic meeting, North Korea has agreed to resume denuclearization talks.

In 2017, Kamala Harris argued that “we must work to de-escalate tensions with North Korea.” Yet in a stunning display of hypocrisy, Sen. Harris scoffed at the President’s historic visit this week, calling it a “photo-op.” 

While the Trump Administration continues pursuing enduring peace for the U.S., the Korean Peninsula, and the world, Kamala Harris is blinded by her political motives. It’s clear Harris only cares about scoring political points rather than preserving the security and safety of Americans.

As Cindy Axne joins Senator Harris at today’s picnic with West Des Moines Democrats, Iowans deserve to know: Will Axne fall in line with her Democratic colleagues’ misguided political games, or does she support peace for America and the world?

“President Trump is leading on the world stage, and his historic visit to North Korea marks an important step forward as we continue working towards denuclearization,” said Jeff Kaufmann, Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. “While 2020 Democrats like Senator Harris mock the President’s leadership, Cindy Axne has remained predictably silent on the issue. Democrats are so hell-bent on resistance that they can’t even acknowledge when progress has been made.”


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