DES MOINES - Lanon Baccam, a paid activist and alumni of Hillary Clinton's Senate staff and President Biden's 2020 Deputy State Director, has deleted posts supporting President Biden, his work on the Biden campaign, and his criticisms of President Trump, according to a report from the Des Moines Register.

Lanon sees the writing on the wall: Biden is losing favorability with the American people, and is losing it FAST. Lanon's attempts to wipe his social media clean are a sad attempt to run from his radical political past. Not only does he want to erase his past, but Lanon thinks he can trick and lie to the people of Iowa.

His undying support of Biden shows if elected to Congress, Lanon would vote in lockstep with every progressive, far-left Democrat in the House and he would forget about Iowan values the second he steps foot in Washington D.C.

"You can try to run but you cannot hide from your political past. Lanon Baccam is bought and paid for: anointed by Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton to fake his way to the 3rd Congressional District seat," said Luke Wolff, Iowa GOP Spokesman. "Congressman Zach Nunn is the clear choice: as a combat veteran, lifelong Iowan, and loving husband and father, he has and will continue to put Iowans first and fight against Biden's reckless policies. It's time Iowans see radical Lanon for who he really is instead of his new, false identity."


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