In an interview over the weekend, Liz Mathis showed just how far she will go to protect Joe Biden. Even if it means falling flat on her face.

While housing and childcare costs are on the rise, Liberal Liz Mathis falsely claimed that the American Rescue Plan has brought down these costs saying, "We can also talk about, in terms of inflation how we’re going to reduce household expenses. And we’ve seen how ARPA has decreased the cost of childcare and also for housing. And so we’re working on it. Every little bit helps.”

Even liberal economists are saying the American Rescue Plan made inflation worse.

"Democrats are now openly lying about inflation and the consequences of their policies," said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "Iowans don't buy what Democrats are selling and know their reckless spending is to blame for rising costs. Trying to explain inflation away only continues to insult Iowans' intelligence."


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