Yesterday, Fox News reported that Liz Mathis, who just announced her candidacy for Iowa's First Congressional District two days ago, had used her official position in the Iowa Senate to secure tax breaks for her client. 

Mathis happily touts how she "convinced" fellow legislators to support a $2.5 million sales tax rebate for a project in Linn County. She went on to encourage social media followers to contact House members and lobby their support as well. She admits that support for the tax breaks took a lot of "convincing." For all her talk on the project, Mathis failed to tell her constituents that her husband, and the consulting firm she owns, were being paid $150,000 for work on behalf of her client. 

On a press call this morning, Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann called on Mathis to reveal what other clients benefited from her status as a state senator.  

"Iowans know, Liz Mathis' shady business dealings don't pass the smell test. It's time Mathis finally be transparent with voters and shine some light on what other sweetheart deals she was handing out," said Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. "Mathis' efforts to hide this important information was overt and undeniable."

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