Liz Mathis released a new ad today, criticizing her own policy goals. 

Mathis said Democrats need to lower prices, but she supported the American Rescue Plan which led to the inflation crisis Iowans are facing. Even while in the Iowa Senate, Liz Mathis voted against massive tax relief for Iowans.

Liz Mathis doesn't work for Iowans, she works for herself. Just last week, Iowa Field Report exposed Mathis for billing Wartburg College over $4 million while she was a board member.

"Make no mistake, Liz Mathis will join Nancy Pelosi in lining her pockets while in Congress," said Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. "Iowans have a fighter in Ashley Hinson. Hinson brought Iowa commonsense back to Washington and has pushed back against Biden's reckless spending and tax increases that Liz Mathis will certainly support."


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