New reporting by Fox News revealed that State Senator Liz Mathis claimed to own AMPERAGE Marketing & Fundraising for over a decade, citing her experience as a business owner on multiple occasions. Since those claims recently came under scrutiny, AMPERAGE now states Mathis has "never been an owner or co-owner" of the company.

Mathis, who is running against Ashley Hinson in Iowa's Second Congressional District, portrayed herself as a business owner during media interviews, on her campaign website, LinkedIn, and even listed it on her financial disclosure as a State Senator. Without explanation, Mathis recently deleted references to AMPERAGE on her LinkedIn.

Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann released the following statement: 

“This doesn't pass the smell test and it's time for Liz Mathis to begin answering questions. For a decade, Mathis has been touting her ownership of a business and even included it on financial disclosures in the Iowa Senate. When folks started asking questions, she backtracked.” 


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