Yesterday, it was reported that State Senator Liz Mathis used her official position to generate over a million dollars in business for her husband’s company and didn’t report any of it publicly. Documents show that Liz Mathis helped push for legislation and state funding for clients that paid her family business without disclosing it to the public. 

Questions were raised after it was reported by Fox News that State Senator Liz Mathis claimed to own AMPERAGE Marketing & Fundraising for a decade, but AMPERAGE claimed Mathis has "never been an owner or co-owner" of the company. This new reporting sheds light on why Liz Mathis was so sketchy about her ownership of AMPERAGE–she was using her position as a State Senator for personal profit and intentionally hiding it from her constituents. 

"It is appalling that Liz Mathis used her power in her official office for personal profit and then tried to hide it from the Iowans she is supposed to be serving. This is corrupt," said Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. "Iowans deserve elected officials with integrity, and Liz Mathis has violated Iowans' trust already. Everyone should be asking, 'What else is she hiding?'"


  • In 2019, Mathis met with the city leadership of Cedar Rapids, Iowa to discuss "how the state can help partner on local projects," specifically  Connect CR. That same year, Connect CR paid AMPERAGE over $150,000.

  • Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids was very vocal about its opposition to Medicaid privatization in Iowa in 2015 and paid AMPERAGE over $875,000 for “marketing consultation” between 2015 and 2016. 

    • Mathis was one of only 3 Democratic state senators that fought Medicaid privatization efforts in Iowa. 

  • Mathis also lobbied for $2.5 million in state tax breaks for a client of her private business that paid AMPERAGE Marketing & Fundraising over $150,000.

  • Fox News recently reported that on her financial disclosures for the Iowa Senate, LinkedIn page, campaign website, and in interviews, Mathis portrayed herself as a  business owner. 

  • Mathis raised questions after deleting references to AMPERAGE on her LinkedIn after being probed on her business dealings last year. 


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