DES MOINES — After Mauro suggested that serving in Congress requires a “different kind of courage” than the military demands, he posted an awkward and disingenuous Memorial Day video in a desperate attempt to move past his insulting comment. But it appears Mauro just can’t help himself — he once again attacked Senator Ernst’s courage in atweet Memorial Day morning.

If Mauro thinks serving in Congress requires a different kind of courage than serving in the military, here’s a short list of Democratic elected officials and veterans that he apparently believes don’t have the “right” kind of courage:

  • President Carter
  • President Kennedy
  • President Truman
  • President Roosevelt
  • Senator Blumenthal
  • Senator Carper
  • Senator Duckworth
  • Senator Markey
  • Senator Peters
  • Senator Reed
  • Congresswoman Gabbard
  • Congressman Golden
  • Congressman Lamb
  • Congressman Lieu
  • Congressman Moulton
  • Congressman Panetta
  • Congressman Peterson
  • Congressman Rose
  • Congressman Thompson

“It is ironic that Eddie Mauro keeps up his cowardly attacks on Senator Ernst’s courage,” said Iowa GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. “Mauro insulted all veterans during his campaign kick-off, and once again mocked Sen. Ernst’s courage on Memorial Day. But Sen. Ernst isn’t afraid to do what is necessary to stand up for Iowans, and that is what real courage looks like.”


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