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Speaker Paulsen races in ‘Night of Destruction’

Opening Remarks From VA Hearing That Bruce Braley Missed Centered On Long Wait Times 

66 Percent Of Our Veterans Had To Wait Over 125 Days To Receive Care From The VA DES MOINES – With Bruce Braley claiming that he missed the Veterans’ Affairs performance and accountability hearing for another hearing where he was never seen sitting in his chair or uttering a single word, today the Republican Party of Iowa is telling him what he missed from this VA hearing. House Veterans' Affairs Chairman Jeff Miller began the hearing by expressing his concern for delays experienced by veterans seeking mental health care.  Miller proceeded to state that two-th...

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Bruce Braley’s Decision To Skip 78 Percent Of His Veterans’ Affairs Committee Hearings

Quad City Times Reports That Braley Skipped 15 Of 20 Veterans’ Affairs Committee Hearings.  “Democratic Senate hopeful Bruce Braley is being criticized for missing most of the full Veterans Affairs Committee hearings held in 2011-12, when he was on the panel.  Braley, a Democratic congressman from Waterloo, missed 15 of 20 committee meetings, including two joint sessions with the Senate, and Republicans say this shows he puts little priority on veterans issues.”  (Ed Tibbets, GOP Hits Braley On VA Panel Attendance, The Quad City Times, 07/23/14) Quad City ...

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Just Tell The Truth Bruce

FOX NEWS:  “In Iowa, Bruce Braley he’s a Congressman, he’s running for the Senate in Iowa.  One of the complaints, attacks from the other side, the Republicans, has been he's on the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee and missed 75% of those hearings, including one in 2012 that was an important one.  You might say that’s not important, who cares, right?  But he was actually -- his campaign said he was at a Fast and Furious hearing.  Turns out, he wasn't there either.  He was at fundraisers, which from a PR perspective just tell the truth, it would be ...

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Bruce Braley VA Hearings

Good morning - Bruce Braley claimed to miss the House Veterans' Affairs hearing for a House Oversight and Government Reform hearing, but after reviewing the transcript and the footage, there were no signs of him being present. Bruce Braley's Campaign Said They Skipped The Veterans' Affairs Committee Hearing Because He Was At The Oversight And Government Reform Hearing.  "Braley campaign spokesman Jeff Giertz said fundraisers Braley scheduled on Sept. 20 didn't conflict with the VA hearings. The congressman missed the 10 a.m. Veterans Affairs Committee meeting ...

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Braley Attended Three Fundraisers On Day Of Missed Veterans Affairs Hearing

The Des Moines Register Jennifer Jacobs July 22, 2014  

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Bruce Braley Skipped VA’s FY2013 Budget Hearing

Congressman Skipped 78 Percent Of His VA Hearings DES MOINES – While 18 of his colleagues of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee convened to discuss the FY2013 budget for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Washington liberal Bruce Braley was once again nowhere to be found. Braley has missed 78 percent of the full Veterans' Affairs Committee hearings, including an important oversight hearing and another regarding the nationwide problems within the VA. “Whether it’s skipping a VA hearing on performance and accountability or the annual budget hearing ...

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