In July, Congresswoman Marianntte Miller-Meeks questioned Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas about the Biden Administration's plans to safely evacuate Americans and our Afghan allies.

In a June, Rep. Miller-Meeks, a Vietnam Era Army Veteran, said:

"There is no greater urgency for [the Department of Homeland Security], than to bring safely to the United States those who helped us in Afghanistan during the Global War on Terror. The situation is becoming increasingly more dire with each day that passes and with reports that the Taliban has recently closed off access roadways. I am a Vietnam Era Veteran and I know firsthand that no one wants to see the image of a helicopter leaving a rooftop with people dangling from the footplates. Let us not compound the mistakes of the past with inaction in the present. Can you commit to working with the State Department and the Department of Defense with a renewed urgency for evacuating these individuals from Afghanistan?"


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