Last week, it was reported that State Senator Liz Mathis's family business (AMPERAGE Marketing) was paid $4 million from Wartburg College while Mathis served on the Warburg Board of Regents. Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann released the following statement on Mathis’s concerning pattern of corruption: 

"This is just the latest example of Liz Mathis using positions of power for personal profit. Iowans cannot trust her. She has serious questions to answer about her business dealings and must be held accountable.” - Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann


  • Since Mathis joined the Wartburg Board of Regents in 2006, AMPERAGE has billed Wartburg for marketing, advertising, and consulting services totaling $4,106,515. Recently, Fox News reported that Senator Liz Mathis used her position in the State Senate to push for legislation and funding for multiple clients of the family business (AMPERAGE) that generated over a million dollars in profit.

  • Senator Mathis tried to dodge her involvement with AMPERAGE, but, as Fox News reported, on her official financial disclosures for the Iowa Senate, LinkedIn page, campaign website, and in public interviews, she has portrayed herself as an owner of the family business. She even deleted references to AMPERAGE on her LinkedIn after being asked about her business dealings last year.

  • Mathis also lobbied for $2.5 million in state tax breaks for a client of her private business that paid AMPERAGE Marketing & Fundraising over $150,000.


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