Mike Franken released a new ad today that falls flat on his claim of not taking Corporate PAC money. 

Iowans know by watching Cindy Axne, that Democrats' promises to never take Corporate PAC money are a sham. While the campaigns claim they aren't taking PAC money directly, Franken's campaign has been funded through shady PAC donations that take money directly from Corporate PACs.

It's dishonest and proves that Franken will say whatever he thinks people want to hear to get elected. 

"Arrogant Mike Franken trashes rural Iowa one day and misleads Iowans about being propped up by corporate PACs the next. The guy is doing and saying whatever he can to get himself elected," said Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. "Chuck Grassley is the nation's hardest working Senator. He puts the needs of Iowans first, visits every county, every year, and tells Iowans the truth. Franken could learn a few things from Chuck Grassley."


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